Mindfulness for Moms

This is the post excerpt.

I teach a lot of mindfulness in my practice.  It is a form of meditation, but you don’t need to be a yogi to enjoy the benefits of this meditation.  I explain Mindfulness as this:  Take a moment and be in the moment.  There, it’s that simple!!  It sounds so simple I know, but we live is such a crazy and busy world, that we forget to take some time and just “be.”  Even if you just take a few minutes, if that’s all you got, just do it.  Focus on your breathing, look around you, engage your senses, what do you hear?  What do you see?  What do you smell?  It seems really simple, but it can really help.  Give it a try.  I know you are busy, we are all busy, but you can find a way to work it in.  I work with busy mom’s all the time.  I am a busy mom too, so I know, it can be tough.  Especially right now, with it being summertime and the kids are home from school!!  But figure it out, you will thank me!  There are a couple of tips to start working it into your every day life.  I usually encourage my clients to take a few minutes while they are in the shower.  How many times when we are in the shower are we thinking about things and don’t pay attention to what we are doing?  Now I know, if you are a mom, you probably don’t even get to take a shower in peace, but if you do, even for just a few moments, really be present.  Feel the heat of the water, smell the shampoo, really pay attention to what you are doing.  When you drink your coffee, really taste it, hold the cup and feel the warmth of it in your hand.  Take a whiff and really smell it and take it in.  It really only takes a moment, here and there.  Believe me, it really is that simple, but you can do it and you will feel the reward.  I promise!!


Author: Amanda Ranalli LPC

I am a Licensed Psychotherapist with a Private Practice and 20 years of experience.

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